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Funny or interesting how why and where from it is we muster or choose or cull our metaphors and then how we decipher them. Dreamt about Billy Sticks as if it was to have to choose between him and Dag, from his point of view, “did you tell him you were with me?” And I hadn’t because from my perspective neither was I with Dag, so it was not, or impertinent, but just past that juncture along came a Jane thinking I belonged to her. Billy was not sure what to make of that.

There’s always a wild card.


self; mixed media

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is one self-contained wherever one is if one is self-contained, or is the containment state and geography dependent or the self state and/or geography dependent, is self necessarily contained is self a containment and so redundant really, is all self contained or what part of self does contained abandon, yes there it is, what part of self is left out of the containment racket, another version of does one ever get over anything

yes&no, not on a cellular level in spite of the reinventings of our cellular biology over the course of a lifetime, memory is not wiped clean

box 6: in the round

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taking a break from the crush of decreasing perspective and deadline sometimes understood as focus intent and purpose which when logrolled and amassed is crushing and somehow filters out the art and heart which gave it life and purpose in the first damn place,
it’s vital to make way for the amazing things you can do with some paper scissors and glue given the time and space to follow ones nose or inclination down a garden path without anything but curiosity and a certain naivety and who gives a damn

who says boxes are square. Ha!

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