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thinking of the understanding clubs, the you   don’t   can’t understand (and can’t be a member of the club because you aren’t fill in the blank) in this particular case parent asif not agreeing with is the same as not understanding asif disqualified, as if dismissed, and the dangers inherent in this kind of isolationism, flag planting, and dismembering

thinking of how they, my fellows in a collaboration, chose a cover which wouldn’t have been my first choice, and how  ✪⦿just the point▹► that it won’t turn out to be simply another goldberg

thinking about how we bridge allow understand difference


I’d wanted to make one of the clamshells out of cardboard as opposed to book board, because I wanted a different, less ‘special’ feel, and I did, and it does and it worked; I’m pleased but I’m not sure what I think of it, as opposed to how I feel about it, or I’m not sure how I feel about it as opposed to what I think of it either way, as these things go it has its moments, as I would say, and you never know until you really do it how an idea may work out or not


if as they say, the next note in all good improv, is the tell, and as I say, anything we’re good at takes practice, I guess what comes next will be telling



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not that winter is around the corner but it is on my mind on our mind and the first round of clearing the decks for whatever shenanigans it may offer is in the offing, chimney was reamed out and I’m eyeing my low lying shop with a fair bit of scrutiny and forethought and planning for encroachment of our beloved river where it ought not be but we knew the job was dangerous when we took it so, we’ve got to work with it so I’m cleaning off the galleys, and readying paper for drier environs and making it readier

what’s new she asked and when I didn’t answer she asked what was old and that was the better question though really the answer bridges the new and old, as does this time of year, equinox, fall, birthday, anniversary, new year, and winter in the looming

so I’m coming clean. finishing what I’ve started so I can move on, and it’s not that you do ever catch up because you never aren’t starting something new, but you mark a mark, and catch up to there, and so I’m catching up so I (without resistance) can move on to what’s next

wind on the water pelicans flying around
sounds like a haiku he said. bodega head picnic, sandwich from the sandwich place chowder from the best chowder place a spot along the water
smiles the color of fall

clearing the proverbial deck to make room work my way past what stands in for procrastination or resistance but likely is part of the sorting learning remembering what I need for the book of house poems so it is what it is to be at its best, and a proper pulling together of the strands, as all the current work seems to be

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