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judi also had her bindings of the book at the Open House, which was nice to see after I’d done mine I think although now of course I have more ideas, which when are they never not distracting but just because I have them doesn’t mean I have to use them right away. Might not be the right time yet. Anyway, quite fascinating what different approaches we had. Whereas I’d gone with a different tab material for each page and assembly line style (“Which of course you would!” she’d exclaimed with her wonderful laugh and I figured I may as well take that as a compliment although it was probably just an observation), judi had done one book at a time, so each had tabs of similar material. She’d also experimented a bit with shaped tabs, and cutting notches in the tabs so you could see the strings other than…

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of course I crossed the line

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for so long I was sorry not to have art.if.acts. of my own and now that I do I’m sorry to have them, in as much as they in their actuality pretend to a legacy or demand that some thing be done to or with them, as if they are more restless than a poem somewhere on a page, more demanding than words in a book to be seen or sold or bought as if simply the having explored the possibility isn’t enough no wonder (Andy) Goldsworthy so much appreciated working with form and material that by default disintegrates


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