but for the asking

February 12, 2016 § 1 Comment

how’s the project going he’d asked


the project is going actually, which is a good start! having dithered lo these many years with it, starting is one of those big steps, but I’m guessing you know that, thanks for asking.

I have the text pretty well organized and have decided to typeset the whole thing which is a yooge as barnie or donald might say undertaking, but I’m still not sure how I want to use the photographs or what part of the story I might want graphics to play that said, I have chosen likely photos, (misty one of canyon house, house in homedale, house on 17th, house being held down by string, string holding house down, guerneville house up in the air when it was being raised, and oh! two from winnipeg; a reflection in a window so it looks double exposed, and one of red geraniums on f&d’s deck)

well that almost goes as a not noticing becoming a noticing of how I infact make decisions or a noticing of my process which in the best of circumstances goes on without me, I suppose like writing, and editing or taking the reins comes later, anyway there I am blablablaing as if I hadn’t chosen, and as if the photos chosen don’t already tell their own story, and all of this in a conversation, mind you, with doug, well not as if I haven’t dragged him into this neither of us kicking and screaming

wow. and they do tell their story
which but for the asking I might not have noticed.



February 2, 2016 § Leave a comment




(yesterday’s improv at the case. graphite rubbing from our last play date)


the thing about mistakes is they aren’t necessarily
they are simply another possibility another way; they can mean
can be freedom

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