where did this come from

July 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

It started with the box.

Not that I planned it that way at all. The red box was going to be for the need me feed me birthday card, (yeah he’s turning 64).

Or maybe it started with the chicken wire papers
which were on their way to become a star, or flower—could be a christmas tree ornament—book but then there was the fusion paper that I’d made which was the perfect ohdeargod vehicle, underlayment  ✴︎pull it together✴︎ structure, well after it was cut to size and folded.

But first there were the colored pencils…and then there was the little piece of paper that said syntax. And of course, the glue stick.

And then I cut the corner off. Which brought the back to the front. Which became a whole other story——line. Calling in to play just the right bits of paper waiting waiting all unsorted in bags in the drawer for their moment, which had come. And more gluing.

And more tag end scraps which I actually ** never let it be said I don’t ** throw away bits of paper.


ACk. But not before one, with errant glue, found just the right spot to accidentally end up on the original square bits of now folded chicken wire paper which had been colored with pencils.


Which led to bits, words from an intact story, cut to wordbits which may or may not suggest, infer, elicit, solicit, mock play with the i/dea/l of syntax.



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