statements, artist or otherwise

February 1, 2017 § 4 Comments


not because I can but because I breathe not
because I would die but because I’m not dead because
I breathe and


because I get dressed.
because my eyes are brown. because
the sun is in aquarius or virgo or not.


because I am sad glad mad had
because I am

here.say. press
those who can. must

some would say I’ve always been here saying, say I’ve always had, and given voice to, but there is a particular and impressive clarity now, distilled through and refracted by typography and brought to bear through the stages of letterpress publication which celebrates everything word, and demands nay elicits a sparse certainty,

my work has always involved story telling and listening, with an eye toward elucidating a set of values since in large part it is living in accordance with our values which allows us to know who we are and why we do what we do
which allows us to know why we do what we do and so, who we are

now, it is as an elder with a voice and a press, and perspective born of telling and listening to stories told by my elders and to those who use story to find their way to a possible life

the press: the first social media, which first gave us– the common man– access to the word and to deciphering it,

managing content:
I keep doing what I’m doing what I’m working on what pops into my field of vision and interest because it all seems to be part of the project I’m working toward.
even if I don’t know how

here say  crowe copy


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