sorting (2018)

January 5, 2018 § 3 Comments


So in the up is down department I now have a folder, spawned from sorting through the ever growing pile of saved scraps of paper the next project to catapult past inertia and entropy and every other foil, and the sickness that all those hordes of saved scraps is, or could become, having heard myself say, I can’t keep every good idea I ever had and so in a fit of what a good idea is this, deciding I would send my small ephemeral treasures to others, they should could and would have the delight and burden of throwing them out or passing them along or who knows saving them…

Anyway there it is, the proud yellow folder in the new charcoal gray file cabinet the other one in the throes of the tidying turmoil having developed a drawer closing malfunction and so needed replacement, titled: CAN’T KEEP EVERY GOOD IDEA I EVER HAD.


Yup. Full of heretofore saved bits of paper with just those words printed on them.

And which will accompany all the outbound ephemera. Forewarned is forearmed. And I’m happy to put you on my mailing list. (judigoatyahoodotcom)

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