April 27, 2015 § 3 Comments

clark (judi)

true love and before married women kept
their own names as if it wasn’t any
thing other than that and Clark no more
or less apt than Marcuse another family another
belonging another gift another signifier
like pretty, in the eye
of the beholding


twenty-four (2015)

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marcuse clark goldberg

years later having by then been a Clark,
(Mrs. Doug, to differentiate me from Mrs. Eugene)
divorced and again a Goldberg ⪕ Judi ⪖
to differentiate me from Whoopee, and
showing up (surprisingly) at my twenty year
class reunion, it was Marcuse! they shouted.
You made it, Marcuse!! giving the judi
no mention

at all

twenty-three (2015)

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twenty-two (2015)

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as if an oath
as if fealty

is allegiance,
divesting one

of moment
and self


twenty-one (2015)

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judy sylvia ari cropped


thing was
those who
knew the
Goldberg Judy
I was and am

(or I was
out of sight
would not could
not possibly
be counted on
to transpose)

judi marcuse
so what
(use) was
a last name
you couldn’t
count on
to inform

twenty (2015)

April 20, 2015 § 3 Comments


thing is to those
who never knew
the Goldberg
(and everything
that means)
I was (and am)
the Marcuse
Judy (to start then
then judi) who
against her mother’s
wishes cut her hair
to fit in
⧉ better ⧉
as close as I ever
got to being
just like
those around
who were
as strange as
I was to them
it was the
(and everything
that meant)
not the hair
which was the

I get it

nineteen (2015)

April 19, 2015 § 1 Comment

we knew where
we were headed

that there would be hell to pay

the same as getting in

there was, we did
more than once more than twice more than
not; we were good

at what we did

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