October 4, 2010 § 2 Comments

these pauses, which I might also call insteads otherwise known as  lulls or not writing right now or not righting write now (and not playing my banjo neither which is the worst of it) and are all mixed up with impatience which might more aptly in the virgo finish carpenter sense of true be called waiting which is bad enough but is more readily reframed as pauses or insteads and so used to better advantage, are call them what I may, nonetheless sidetracks and no matter how many I’ve been down still seem like the nethers

he asked like there was an answer which of course there isn’t why aren’t you writing

& like it was an answer which of course it isn’t I said my mind is blank which come to write about it is really not right, I’m simply and not so mysteriously busy it seems  and not so sidetracked as one tracked and repairing albeit not fast enough nor simply from that rotator cuff restoration

banjo on my knee

March 4, 2007 § 3 Comments

it’s a whole new thing now. it’s a deering john hartford with a wooden tone ring and a clear head with a pop off resonator and it’s beautiful. wowza, it informs everything…

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