on the occasion of 65

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poem 29 2017

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there was quiet between us

between . . . . . . .. . . … . . . .us
again, like the summer lazy
river or Sunday’s winter
afternoon nothing left
to do but
enjoy the quiet
between us,

poem 25 2017

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over under loop-ti-loop

like back when I was too much of a princess to be smoking
my Kool menthols on the damned porch so I quit, and now
knowing and sure as shit *saying* no way am I going to be
relegated to the backroom as if my underpinnings are not
glossy enough to be shown in public so here we go loop-ti
-li & say now I can see graffiti for what it is;
an antidote to complicit

Poem 22 2017

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Composed at the case, here. say. press

poem 21 2017

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ace pitcher put on D.L. after dirt bike accident

circling back around to what might be
the beginning as if there was one

folding clean clothes as if my life depended on it

works as long as it does

poem 20 2017

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what a moment that
moment one answers

that moment’s call

to self.

no more to say

poem 19 2017

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calling out the sun

lazy weakened

haphazard hurried
headlong no

no not

enjoying eager circling

languid weakened
wanting unto itself

sad rich thirst

slaked slack


the california thrasher
calls out the sun

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