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from 100 words

judi fred penhouse

rooted in all things empirical ourfather, a faithless hopeless skeptic by trade and politic, a stalwart watcher and pollster in his own write right rite and bar none the most opinionated man I ever knew, unwavering and unapologetic in his stance, never mind provocative especially during those self-affirming times of my own righteousness and to his dying day certain of everyone else’s right to be wrong nevertheless doggedly applied stalwart and stringent criteria before assigning causal relationship/s, never once claimed to know when he did not

acting as if you know when you don’t, or can’t, is no better than any
faith based rhetoric



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 the problem with beginnings
is finding them…defining them unfolding them to ferret out tease out expose the story line buried under the haystack of one’s living; like the surfing story starts with a brain tumor or with Shaka-Ron or with the buick or maybe with my hard head or maybe with my grandmother who had the first acoustic neuroma or with my father who killed himself telling me pirate stories in the rowboat on Lac Marier or maybe it just starts at the waterline;50 year old woman, oldest beginning surfer in sonoma county…but what fun is that

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