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February 12, 2016 § 1 Comment

how’s the project going he’d asked


the project is going actually, which is a good start! having dithered lo these many years with it, starting is one of those big steps, but I’m guessing you know that, thanks for asking.

I have the text pretty well organized and have decided to typeset the whole thing which is a yooge as barnie or donald might say undertaking, but I’m still not sure how I want to use the photographs or what part of the story I might want graphics to play that said, I have chosen likely photos, (misty one of canyon house, house in homedale, house on 17th, house being held down by string, string holding house down, guerneville house up in the air when it was being raised, and oh! two from winnipeg; a reflection in a window so it looks double exposed, and one of red geraniums on f&d’s deck)

well that almost goes as a not noticing becoming a noticing of how I infact make decisions or a noticing of my process which in the best of circumstances goes on without me, I suppose like writing, and editing or taking the reins comes later, anyway there I am blablablaing as if I hadn’t chosen, and as if the photos chosen don’t already tell their own story, and all of this in a conversation, mind you, with doug, well not as if I haven’t dragged him into this neither of us kicking and screaming

wow. and they do tell their story
which but for the asking I might not have noticed.



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unused tarnish squeak
dissemble disingenuous disentangle dismay decay ferment transpose transform emanate refine gather wither wane wax flood ebb mending darning tatting ongoing waiting next to the speaker for the dead that stump old as jesus christ would be grandfather of that fairy ring that family of redwoods in the center of our backyard forest recovering from the tender trespass of brain surgery and the goddamned bark fell off in a huge sheet as if some horrible portend of disaster but lo, it was a new green shoot bearing witness to the many ways of transition

We did that once, rust, side by side, on a couch in the middle of a living room Christmas party in plain view of everyone, no one noticed either the rust or the release change memory refresh shades of story adrift as if bloom fulminate whisky or violin angel’s share vaporize breathe oxidize recant wait weight sliver shave the color of I don’t know always never loving living not that life is tough, birth dusk relinquish forgetting decay as if dismantling wasn’t rebuilding and deconstructing wasn’t imagination
not remorse this coming and going
continuity instead of

(book coming soon)

making coffee

January 23, 2016 § 4 Comments

it started as these things do in obscurity

with the new kettle, you know that boil water device which by now has become so becoming of anybody who is anybody has one, but also is so complicated and so gadgetified and digitalized that you need instructions, well those who are inclined to wanting instructions rather than simply pushing any of the damned buttons preferred instructions for use, so,


and when she saw them she began m/uttering press to percolate and then surrounded as were we by presses we did



January 8, 2016 § 2 Comments


f/lexicon (dithering)
stuck. not knowing. doubt. in between. on the brink. experimentation. all hands on deck. stepping into uncertainty. fear. boredom. sore shoulders. exercise. banjo. organizing work space. words as material.
writing. laughing. in a corner. on a corner. push back. talk back. voice. question. viscosity of certainty. undo. coffee. play the banjo. unbutton. range of motion. edit. storm. free for all. disorder. chaos. boundary. river. turbulence. risk. play. dress up. apron. tool belt. blueprint. notebook. intervene. fix. disrepair. dissemble. act up. speak up. write up. dust up. move. storm. wind. leeway. feed birds. empty catbox. walk. dodge. unmask. answer.


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new year’s day walk

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When will the nightmare end? he with headphones and sunglasses said again, aimed in my direction; he could have been talking to someone on the other end of the headphones but there was as insistence in the tone which somehow demanded my response, Who are you talking to? No one cares! he answered.

The most cockeyed hello how are you fine have a nice day conversation I’ve had in a while.

Otherwise everyone was full of happy new year and good morning and though I started in winter I finished in spring then home again for black-eyed peas.

of course I crossed the line

December 2, 2015 § Leave a comment


for so long I was sorry not to have art.if.acts. of my own and now that I do I’m sorry to have them, in as much as they in their actuality pretend to a legacy or demand that some thing be done to or with them, as if they are more restless than a poem somewhere on a page, more demanding than words in a book to be seen or sold or bought as if simply the having explored the possibility isn’t enough no wonder (Andy) Goldsworthy so much appreciated working with form and material that by default disintegrates



October 19, 2015 § 1 Comment


thinking of the understanding clubs, the you   don’t   can’t understand (and can’t be a member of the club because you aren’t fill in the blank) in this particular case parent asif not agreeing with is the same as not understanding asif disqualified, as if dismissed, and the dangers inherent in this kind of isolationism, flag planting, and dismembering

thinking of how they, my fellows in a collaboration, chose a cover which wouldn’t have been my first choice, and how  ✪⦿just the point▹► that it won’t turn out to be simply another goldberg

thinking about how we bridge allow understand difference


I’d wanted to make one of the clamshells out of cardboard as opposed to book board, because I wanted a different, less ‘special’ feel, and I did, and it does and it worked; I’m pleased but I’m not sure what I think of it, as opposed to how I feel about it, or I’m not sure how I feel about it as opposed to what I think of it either way, as these things go it has its moments, as I would say, and you never know until you really do it how an idea may work out or not


if as they say, the next note in all good improv, is the tell, and as I say, anything we’re good at takes practice, I guess what comes next will be telling


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