the house on the hill

April 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

It was very straightforward, but every leg of the way was roundabout. There were so many layers and choices, just for a trip up the road to a friend’s house. A friend’s house up the road. Entirely accurate, and just the same misleading enough to send you off in quite the wrong direction.
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the doggle of it all

October 25, 2006 § Leave a comment

not being an adult child of a wastenot wantnot upbringing i’m left nevertheless with the feeling of not wanting to waste the hardwon wisdom gained and gleaned of having been party to and part of this the ongoing sterwarding of asit turns out notonly OurMother in her transiting years but ahyes the legacy and concept of family…and some of what it distills down to starts taking shape…

the when of it all

the why should i of it all

the what of it all

decisions and decision making

the poa and team

the executor and team

on the team and/or off the team

the family

the community

(and ah yes those pesky) feelings

the overarching pr-oh-cess



family defaults (wow there’s at tleast a triple header i never intended)

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