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thinking of the understanding clubs, the you   don’t   can’t understand (and can’t be a member of the club because you aren’t fill in the blank) in this particular case parent asif not agreeing with is the same as not understanding asif disqualified, as if dismissed, and the dangers inherent in this kind of isolationism, flag planting, and dismembering

thinking of how they, my fellows in a collaboration, chose a cover which wouldn’t have been my first choice, and how  ✪⦿just the point▹► that it won’t turn out to be simply another goldberg

thinking about how we bridge allow understand difference


I’d wanted to make one of the clamshells out of cardboard as opposed to book board, because I wanted a different, less ‘special’ feel, and I did, and it does and it worked; I’m pleased but I’m not sure what I think of it, as opposed to how I feel about it, or I’m not sure how I feel about it as opposed to what I think of it either way, as these things go it has its moments, as I would say, and you never know until you really do it how an idea may work out or not


if as they say, the next note in all good improv, is the tell, and as I say, anything we’re good at takes practice, I guess what comes next will be telling




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Funny or interesting how why and where from it is we muster or choose or cull our metaphors and then how we decipher them. Dreamt about Billy Sticks as if it was to have to choose between him and Dag, from his point of view, “did you tell him you were with me?” And I hadn’t because from my perspective neither was I with Dag, so it was not, or impertinent, but just past that juncture along came a Jane thinking I belonged to her. Billy was not sure what to make of that.

There’s always a wild card.

box 6: in the round

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taking a break from the crush of decreasing perspective and deadline sometimes understood as focus intent and purpose which when logrolled and amassed is crushing and somehow filters out the art and heart which gave it life and purpose in the first damn place,
it’s vital to make way for the amazing things you can do with some paper scissors and glue given the time and space to follow ones nose or inclination down a garden path without anything but curiosity and a certain naivety and who gives a damn

who says boxes are square. Ha!

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