September 3, 2006 § 4 Comments

played dress-up in my mother’s clothes not that i started out to do that i had been emptying out the shelves in the bathrooms and drawers and then all of a sudden decided to shower and there i was naked in my mother’s clothes closet which i’d also been emptying out organizing things to bring to her and i put on her velvet concert skirts, the ones she wore, not even black when she was performing and a peignoir for godsake but it was when i was looking at the books in the bookcases and came up with at least 25 different dictionaries that i missed someone to giggle with

and beyond that karen and i knocked the crucifix off the wall in her room at the mesiricordia playing with the huge plastic sunflower, i mean i was lying in the bed with dvora on one of her orthopedic processes as she later complained but i must confess to having started it wonderinghow we could modify (nullify) the everpresence of it we all giggled but not dvora who said she’d liked the original height of it, if she only knew; ourfather on the other hand who’s  not in heaven, layed still in his grave

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