where did this come from

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It started with the box.

Not that I planned it that way at all. The red box was going to be for the need me feed me birthday card, (yeah he’s turning 64).

Or maybe it started with the chicken wire papers
which were on their way to become a star, or flower—could be a christmas tree ornament—book but then there was the fusion paper that I’d made which was the perfect ohdeargod vehicle, underlayment  ✴︎pull it together✴︎ structure, well after it was cut to size and folded.

But first there were the colored pencils…and then there was the little piece of paper that said syntax. And of course, the glue stick.

And then I cut the corner off. Which brought the back to the front. Which became a whole other story——line. Calling in to play just the right bits of paper waiting waiting all unsorted in bags in the drawer for their moment, which had come. And more gluing.

And more tag end scraps which I actually ** never let it be said I don’t ** throw away bits of paper.


ACk. But not before one, with errant glue, found just the right spot to accidentally end up on the original square bits of now folded chicken wire paper which had been colored with pencils.


Which led to bits, words from an intact story, cut to wordbits which may or may not suggest, infer, elicit, solicit, mock play with the i/dea/l of syntax.




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June 17 – July 27, 2016
Sebastopol Center for The Arts, Sebastopol CA

it was something about the call for entries, which I hadn’t really read
until someone said she didn’t understand them, which forced me

to read them more carefully

Call for entries: open worldwide; we call for artwork related to “the book”.
We see the book as a point of departure.
handmade artist’s books, using traditional bookmaking method
work showing excellence in bookmaking or altering book
book-like objects or sculptures in which the primary interest or emphasis is
visual rather than texture
homage to the book

thus inspiring this  *whateveryoucallit*

and of course I would also thank here. say. press’s leaning engineer, Paul Lewis.

the mock up

May 29, 2016 § 1 Comment

you’re putting a lot of time into that he said leaning toward the book such as it is in my hand as I sat down with my colored pencils, the book, an old piece of scrap wood as a spine raw book board as covers screwed together with hinges and a piece of aluminum screwed to the front cover, covers and spine screw studded because even shortened they are still too long (but it’s only a mock up), with five signatures


some of the pages have proofs of an etching I was printing which I was exploring with colored pencil because mock up or not it is of course part of the unfolding, part of the process part of the exploration and expansion of the story which happens in the telling of it; in the time it takes to set it and print it, not to mention the actual untelling of the stories already told, the distributing of the type in preparation for the next telling


each aspect is ground for what comes next and I had promised myself I would indulge what might be mistaken for tomfoolery as integral to the outcome, so when it dawned on me to make and use as part of the page a graphite rubbing of the furniture set up as perfect adjunct to a poem I was printing, I did that too

anyway, yes! is the short answer, I am putting a lot of time into the mock up, might even like it better than the actual, not true in that it is like talking about oranges when one is instead talking about bats, but it is no less important, it is no less

and I’ve discovered in the meantime I have a lot to learn about hinges, and a few more dithering decisions to make before I finalize the structure of the ones which will not be called mock ups

the last 5 poems and other hooha

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got it all done before lunch. though 17th ave was particularly obstreperous, taking lots of winnowing and culling not to mention proofing.

the biggest proofing hurdle is when you replace letters and you don’t check AGAIN because you think you fixed it…but luckily I did so I didn’t need to live with mnlooight



17th ave

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now I can  print the last 5 poems in the third signature tomorrow!

all in a day’s work

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work on my book of poems called PLACE continues:

today I set 4 out of  the 5 remaining poems in the third (out of 5) signature, plan to set the last one on Thursday and then print the lot of them

the dark green on my worksheet shows which have been typeset, the red is printed, the light green is distributed


answering the call

May 17, 2016 § 3 Comments

…having taken the books in, to see if they answer the call, one in a box like it were a damn cake and so glad I’d glued the sucker to withstand the rigors of come what may…

well, that one, in a box like it were a damn cake, an assemblage, titled: Fallout answered the call just fine!


“The Art of the Book”  juried by Betsy Davids
JUNE 17 – JULY 27,  2016

Opening reception June 17, 6-7:30 pm
Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastopol, CA

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