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not to mention orange.

on the occasion of 65

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Poem 22 2017

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Composed at the case, here. say. press

Poem 17 2017

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poem 4 2017

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also composed at the case, this at my shop; here.say. press


far from home
this minute too: side-stepping
now forever
lost in the bargain,
baffling, or wayward
not so much errant as


(n.b. note the ffl ligature)



poem 3 2017

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as I’ve done in past years this one was composed at the case…not written out ahead of time and set, but composed as it was being set…


it was like honest is

and the early morning’s bird calling to the sun
.tender. as the note, given.
the tone languishing & melodious
like a lover’s watchful glance like breath
on my neck before there ever was shape
hewn by your touch


remembering the forgot; full justification

February 17, 2017 § 2 Comments

There’s always the part where one becomes disheartened, or the project disheartens.

It having started with a focus and a deadline and a plan a project an idea yes an idea that was too complicated, and maybe had too many moving parts to meet said deadline, but there was no way I had been able to successfully talk myself out of it and forward ho with reckless enthusiasm I was going.

And this morning a windless sail.

And in between after codex conversations about where to now, what next?
The ways in which one one can start with the book as a stationery object and move toward the book (the art) as experience, (in the making and observing)
or it is, and starts with an/ the experience and moves toward objectification or artifact if you will

And then
we got to the coming and going of it, and if in fact making a book is like riding the freights as in you meant to go to North Dakota and end up in Minnesota then, the art is what happens in between the two places


And so as is the case I was in the wrong place, or thinking in inches using a metric ruler or forgetting that lead type is not digital, though it was in my digits, which is to say instead of fomenting with the tool in hand I was trying to replicate something already done ●●● in the best way that particular thing was going to be done●●● instead of doing, experiencing what wouldcould be done with the tool in hand, and once figuring that out, once, I remembered there are things handily and readily done with lead type and leading that are indelicate and a yearning desire for photoshop well so there I am now, wind at my back!

And I’m off to my own out of order in preparation for advancing waters shop to see what may be wrought.

It is the remembering and forgetting of it all that one forgets and remembers forgetting, forgets remembering.

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