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A participle is a verb that acts like an adjective.
A dangling participle modifies an unintended noun.

When was the last time you dangled a participle?


had matter

November 26, 2011 § 3 Comments

he, the Had Matter was an abecedarian with a homemade flexicon, meant to ensorcel all comers and bodacious and cavalier dire and eggzagerated it was nevertheless in and out of a pinch a nonfallutin’ tool box no matter the wither he went and he went witherin’ plenty having to whittle a word or two for commerce

by the time he got home his fine wyffe was in fine fettle having fettled the day away finely with a fine fettle, finally as the cases was but having naught to show for it


april 15

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#not intended to be factual

& I’m not meaning
poetry though it could be
poetical or heretical but what

we have here is a lie by
any other name is a Republican and
likely a Christian for Good Measure
thinks God is his (advisedly) best friend
and the rest of us don’t know how to read write or arithmetic
and don’t count the difference between falsehood and opinion, but
truth is what goes around comes around and
what’s good for the goose is
twice so for the gander,

is going to be mighty crowded and

anyone who’d say they were born
in Arizona is an idiot, oh did you know

Senator Kyl, (R)Arizona, the minority whip,
citing family reasons, is leaving the House, now
what kind of a name is Kyl, anyhow


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sexual innocent ignorant freedom autonomy fertile choices autonomy womb woman choices decisions choices autonomy freedom as if yours
as if in common

u ter us, a part of our bodies in the public domain, as if in common, as if shared, as if once operational it belongs to not just you, to one person, to one woman but to the community, not just to you, but to a people, as if our own uterus ties each one of us, ties you and me to them, to a nation, to The People, and they, even the grandmothers, think we enter into partnership and a claim is staked with your body, with our bodies, as if a marker, as if booty, as if redeemable to the highest bidder,
and you are no longer unto yourself
never have been, never will be,
you thought you would be, at some point old enough to choose, to act, to enjoy, to be a woman to be free to choose to act to enjoy to be woman but there is no such thing
as autonomy
first a girl, their girl, and then a woman, somebody’s woman, obligated as if without choice, held hostage to a point of view, that to be woman is to use your uterus to their advantage, and the choice is theirs, make no mistake it is never just yours

from Theirs, His & Mine 1997

a triplicate of poems for the times (1)

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the art of disrespect

she comes out waving her arms yelling excuse me

to a workman next door she’s never seen
meaning anything but

get rid of the music she says, just that way as if
she=s earned the right, because
they never listen to her she says but then

who really hears anyone yelling be quiet, I wonder

if she knows how disrespect works
and what she means when she says
she thinks war sucks


published on continent of light website

let’s nobody throw (any more) stones

January 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

lots of places to look in the wake of this latest, we expected this didn’t we killing spree, lots of places to lay blame, sarah palin and her don’t retreat reload rhetoric, the inflamed posture of political pundits the mentally ill, (oh don’t even get me started on mental illness as an excuse for violent behavior), easy targets you should pardon the expression, or not is the point, the accompanying banner ad for the article in the new york times addressing the senseless violence and its repercussions, for godsake (sic) was an add for firearms training blazoned with pistols and cross-hairs so, before we get all righteous or defensive and up in arms (sic) I would simply like to say it’s not just the next guy who’s at fault,

we are all smitten if you will, or hopefully won’t, by violent rhetoric and metaphor, in conversation, at coffee in traffic at church, at work, and play, on tv, from those who know better, should know better and haven’t yet been taught to know better

violence begets violence, it’s the oldest and best it might be argued story, but let’s get it straight, the consequences are intended
violence is violent, killing kills, hate is hateful

the extent to which in our own lives we give inexcusable behaviors an excuse, and give violence free reign, no matter the auspices, is to spawn the next latest to be expected killing spree

ploughshares to swords

April 19, 2007 § 1 Comment

What is becoming as chilling as the murderous rampage is the vicarious frenzy we would be whipped into and the incredible lack of understanding of mental illness and the attendant bureaucracy. Not to mention that it is harder to get booze than guns and that any madman can get his hands on guns which it doesn’t go without saying have no other purpose than killing people and that Virginia’s gun laws are the leanest in the country. Ironically though its commitment laws, requiring ‘imminent’ danger, are the most restrictive. I bet ploughshares to swords that changes before the gun laws.

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