poem 30 2017

April 30, 2017 § Leave a comment

blue bunnies in a box

as if everyone knows
the shorthand the in-
side joke as if they’d
know what to do with
sad or humiliated or
angry as if everyone
knows how to read
or knows the difference
between freedom and
nothing left to lose as
if overjoyed is better



poem 29 2017

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there was quiet between us

between . . . . . . .. . . … . . . .us
again, like the summer lazy
river or Sunday’s winter
afternoon nothing left
to do but
enjoy the quiet
between us,

poem 28 2017

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ever 21 the tag said

the sleight of hand
gauzy glitzy black
with oh so short sleeves
the better to show sleek
shapely arm muscles
if you had them it
was the sequins that
caught my eye but
truth is the sleek red
and black long sleeved
slinky cover more of
me up top took the day
even if I am ever 21
it is a lie

poem 27 2017

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round*a*bout this business of circling
back to figure out the what’s what of where
you’ve been and calibrating memory
to account for its own folly


poem 26 2017

April 26, 2017 § 2 Comments

Who among us?

Whose turn is it now
to know, to say
so we can all hear so we can
all know that, that thing that was
done in the name of all that is
good, was wrong, that thing that
you said in the name of all who
are good is wrong, whose turn
is it now to know
the differences?

poem 25 2017

April 25, 2017 § Leave a comment

over under loop-ti-loop

like back when I was too much of a princess to be smoking
my Kool menthols on the damned porch so I quit, and now
knowing and sure as shit *saying* no way am I going to be
relegated to the backroom as if my underpinnings are not
glossy enough to be shown in public so here we go loop-ti
-li & say now I can see graffiti for what it is;
an antidote to complicit

poem 24

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rule # 13

you can’t talk and learn at the same time

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