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it’s just there’s somuch todo&tothink about…it’s become an occupation really, betterthan a preoccupation which would
ve instead rendered me impatient ungrateful&cranky…but I can’t get away from it…not like missing a lover or in a wishing itwere somethingelse but in having to, noinbeingcalled asif itwere a calling to manage to participate in to shepherd…ah there it isto witness her unfolding and she isgone; the tent the uproar& her greatglee &it is awesome to behold

and allofasudden Im left wondering if the newspaper is still being delivered to a home that is now a figment of everyone’s imagination

oh wendy and angie and you know and all the rest who visit morethan the people who dont she answers smartly when ourbrother asked whod been visiting but her stride is longer and if you set her in front of a plate of food once she starts shell keep it until its allgone unless of course you ask if shes hungry which she isnt but then

she pokes her head up and says the news from Israel is not good I wonder if I should phone and offer them the house if they think they could live in YWG

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