3 Whore stories

November 12, 2010 § 2 Comments

The letter w does not occur in Latin and is not part of the ancient Latin alphabet. It is a letter which appears from Germanic languages, including Old English.

3 Whore stories

pimped the 1sttime by my brother for a dime–he remembers it as a quarter, which he pocketed–on a train, always thinking they’d asked but he offered the I’ll tell my sister you want to talk to her which they of course took him with his disarming innocence up on so that brimming he came with a pride that I misread those guys he said over there want to talk to you which at 1stblush was enticing and a near miss but my mother, asif it is all ordained, for the 1st and only time in my life not exactly true

already separated, in theoldendays of 2by2 and exclusivity and proprietary rights that still capture the heart of most of us in the end in, and the beginning, I broached&breached the etiquette
and it is a tribute to both men who showed up at my bedroomdoor that night that they didn’t maul each other; friends to this day they still call it a draw

and though I have the skill now thankyouverymuch Ma to make love in public and everyone is invited the rules haven’t changed a wit, flaunting a certain possibility and no promise they still call me a whore, andbut

truth is it’s not like I ever got married
in a white dress

in that way I still find a challenge, enticing and inviting, he was handsome &moreso elegant with ohsocoiffed hair looking windblown but in place and eyes that searched and seized and what you shot for was the twinkle wellkept behind the mostly contained and remote iceblue you think but they were brown and very warm and easily&ofcourse I made my way there and the beckoning was not mined are you always like this he asked, I had no idea what he was talking about, love is a shorthand; meta-


a W sort of celebration

November 12, 2010 § 3 Comments

Wordsome women worried William

Wiry Willhelmina wrangled worms

Wide Wendy wept when wee Wade wavered

Wizened Werther weathered Wynona’s whining


Wren, writeous wordwitch, whored wondrous ware
while wicked Wendel walloped words westerly wondering
who wooed winged warblers

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