on the occasion of 65

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poem 27 2017

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round*a*bout this business of circling
back to figure out the what’s what of where
you’ve been and calibrating memory
to account for its own folly


Poem 22 2017

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Composed at the case, here. say. press

poem 21 2017

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ace pitcher put on D.L. after dirt bike accident

circling back around to what might be
the beginning as if there was one

folding clean clothes as if my life depended on it

works as long as it does

poem 20 2017

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what a moment that
moment one answers

that moment’s call

to self.

no more to say

poem 18 2017

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long past

in arm’s reach

once again

the touch

was answer

to a want

since forgotten

Poem 17 2017

April 17, 2017 § 2 Comments


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