the speech 1977

Finishing things and saying goodbye is often hard to do so I took some courage from Don Juan, a Yacqui sorcerer who said to his pupil Carlos Casteneda, “There are many ways of saying farewell. The best way perhaps is by holding a particular memory of joyfulness.” And so I look out there and see friends, teachers, and parents, and I smile and invite you to share with us our joyfulness.

I further ask you as the Clockworks in Cowgirls bid:
“Take note dear person of your immediate position become for a second exactly identical with yourself, glimpse yourself removed from the fatuous habits of progress as well as from the tragic implications of destiny and instead see that you are an eternal creature fixed against the wide grin of the horizon.”

Let us look about:
to our special friends
to know each of us our best teachers
and to secret each of us those experiences that will forever be ours
and to know all that we have left behind in return for that which we pursue
and so we have traded not so much youthfulness as youth for the seeds of what we might become.

You know we are not so much all-of-a-sudden-nurses as
we are excited folks who have just completed nursing school.
A journey done and so strangers become comrades
pups become dogs
students become all sorts of things
and children we all remain.

Many there are to thank
many at whom to smile
an overflow of remember the time

remember the first time
and oh my god the tumultuousness of just being accepted
and the drudgery, hey listen, and the anger
and the what the hell am I doing here?
Each of you imagine your own slide show; home movies of nursing school,
what do you pick to remember, and what do you choose to forget
and what is it by our very presence, by our very nature what is it
that we have rendered never the same to be?

We are a power
we are a force and we are a splendor
I go forth with vigor and fear.
Look, each of you, about:
who do you see? how does it affect you?
It’s over gang! We’ve come and gone, and now we’re about to enter
the hole in the wall, each of us to plug some leak,
to be special, to be just the person for a job,
to fulfill our own needs and to star in our own dreams. You know, I am excited.
What is you will remember?
What is it your will begin?
What is it you will do?

Let us bid each other, fare thee well.

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