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flexagons true confessions & fascinators

I had a flexagon dream last night! Three story lines up and running all pivoting around a fourth fixed point, (which was based in fact, I couldn’t breathe) first time ever, maybe because I’m working on how to make the damn book (another single page wonder, thankyou Hedi Kyle) which can have several movable story lines pivoting around a fixed point
and many attempts later I am finally making sense of the moving parts so the inside(soon to be)outside panels don’t end up reading incorrectly which they do if you fold them out in the wrong direction, wow

speaking of magic, proof reading is the best magic trick I know.
Now you see them now you don’t,  (or then you didn’t now you do, should I say) until you are, I was, distributing, and when it comes time to put the w back in its bin there is none,

and then (asking all printers, calligraphers, carpenters, musicians, actors—-) what do you do? as well as what do you do? as in general what does one do?
the run is done; the book is out; the cut is made; the note is flat; the line was wrong

do you call it back, do you confess, publicly or to a select few? do you let it lie?
do you make up stories: like ‘borogroves’ which I did twice is okay with me because that is always how I recited it and ‘jabberock’ which i did once is for the gods
or spout known wisdom: (to err is human, or my favorite—-there is always one more) which is good to say to others but does little to alleviate the gnawing in the pit of my own stomach or
do you do it all and do it (as I have been known suggest to others which sometimes does alleviate the gloom of such humanness) in fine style, yes! and bring a fascinator to the party, surely the mad hatter and the jabberwock would appreciate that!

so there it is the long or short story,

print run

a true reflection of me, it
is nonetheless quite brillig
enjoy it at your own risk or

now, I just need a fascinator.

poem 23

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print run

a true reflection of me, it
is nonetheless quite brillig
enjoy it at your own risk or,

poem 22

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☼ ☁︎ ♥︎ ✂︎  $

as if knowing what comes next

one step one smile one tear one heartbeat

makes it more bearable

poem 21

April 22, 2014 § 2 Comments


so many
nice people
there, not
his cup
of tea

poem 20

April 21, 2014 § 1 Comment

true confessions

he didn’t think I
was the Lone Ranger
type it’s good he
asked after all
these years

poem 19

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hair untied, flying

with pelicans
on the lip of the wave, certainty



poem 18

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not that it is but
when we were growing up
it was ancient this being 64 not
that I am but one thing I notice
she said carefully is it surely takes longer
to get ready to go in the morning not
that I’m slower—-there is
more to do—-the creamy
needs a boost


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